Saturday, May 12, 2012


I love sleepless nights when I find random people on the internet who are just as weird and potentially unstable as me! That's why I am going to 1. Thank woody for presenting me with such a prestigious award and 2. Award this award to another award-worthy blog. I know this is long overdue; luckily there aren't fees for overdue award-giving like there are for overdue library books.

YAY I feel so loved.  I have absolutely no idea what this is for.  As far as I know it could be for the most pathetic blog that still has followers, or the blog that has unnecessary "awesomes" written all over the page, but I am going to make a positive assumption that it is really for the coolest blog ever that has yet to be discovered by the masses.

Just looked it up, and I am SO right on the mark.

When I went to see who I followed who seemed to fit in this category, I honestly had a hard time with it. Most of my favorite blogs are people who have at least 1,000 followers.  I need to get out there! I need to meet new people! Living in the realm of the internet is anti-social enough, I need to be social in my world of anti-social!

Anyway, I decided to award this award to just one blog, which is Leauxra's blog at  She's pretty awesome due to the fact that she enjoys writing about trolls and such, lives in the beautiful state of Colorado just like me, and likes drawing comics. I love the way she writes and tells stories... you should all check her out!


P.S. I turn to you, trusty followers. Any advice on some fantastic blogs flying under the radar? I will greatly appreciate it!

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  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much for this! I've been traveling this week for work and fell behind in everything important, like reading blogs and such. And then i come back and I get an award! Su-weet!

    So. Awesome.


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