Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm an Internet Celebrity

I discovered the greatest animal ever.

The other day, my family and I visited the zoo.  It was a really awesome zoo that had everything going for it - it had all of the big cats, humongous African elephants, giraffes, and the like.  It also had an animal that I had heard of before, but never truly understood the raw beauty of its existence.

Without further ado, I will introduce to you the naked mole rat.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jean a.ka. Just Chaos

Let me just say one thing: EPIC.

I'm going to share some facts with you about this little guy that I learned while at the zoo:
1.  Its skin is so loose that it can turn its body half way around in its skin.
2.  Its mouth closes behind its teeth so that dirt doesn't get into it.
3.  It's blind.
4.  It can't feel pain.
5.  It is breathtakingly hilarious to look at.

I can't really decide which way I should take this post.  Part of me wants to stick up for these poor little creatures who are only put on display at the zoo because they are so shockingly ugly and pathetic that they are slightly ridiculous.  How would you feel if your only purpose in life was to be made fun of?

The other part of me is silently cracking up because LOOK HOW UGLY AND PATHETIC THEY ARE! HAHAHAHAHAHA

That's really all I have to say.  I'm pretty sure that this post was completely unnecessary because it really had no purpose.  I shouldn't have even posted this, because the truth is that naked mole rats are awesome enough by themselves without all this text.  I should have just posted a photo of a random naked mole rat with the words "NAKED MOLE RAT" underneath the picture and that would have been enough to make me an instant internet celebrity.  I would be known as "that internet sensation who became famous after she posted a brilliant post with a picture of a naked mole rat.  So original."  In fact, now that I think of it, the words "naked mole rat" are so incredible by themselves that I should have just left that as the entirety of my post.  Too bad I didn't think of that before I typed this entire thing.

Ok, I'm done.  Aren't you glad you know about this amazing animal, now?

P.S.  Can I just point out that being  pathetic and incredible at the same time is like a feat of nature?  I am impressed.

PHOTO CREDIT: moi. I am fah-bulous.


  1. The naked mole rat should definetly battle the unicorn. Talk about epic! :)

  2. You haven't posted anything in a while... :(


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