Friday, July 1, 2011


Wow.  That is the most boring title I could  have possibly come up with for this post.

Anyway, I have an announcement!  My sister and I began another blog!  She is the writer and I am the illustrator, so it definitely has a bit of a different feel to this blog, but it's still just as awesome.

Our blog is called "Wigs 'n' Jigs" and it is all about Irish dancing.  I'm assuming a lot of my followers do not do Irish dancing (If you do, that's awesome.  Email me and we'll talk.) so you might not understand all the posts, but feel free to check it out and share it with any Irish dancers that you may know.

Here's the URL:
Or you can click on the image on my sidebar.

Thanks for your support!  Follow and share!

Here's a monster:

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  1. You do Irish dancing? That's neat! Wigs 'n' jigs is awesome... I just checked it out! :)


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