Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Journey of Hope"

A little different post than usual; here's a graphic novel that I wrote! Hope you enjoy!


  1. What an awesome afternoon boredom busting adventure!

  2. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS. fantastical

  3. Absolutely beautiful! and would make a great poster.

  4. I love this. Just what I needed after a bad day.

  5. So, I just got back from a business trip, it's Monday, vacation is weeks away, I'm tired, and I think I caught the plague on the plane... oh, and I have a birthday in about a week and I am not sure how I should fell about it.

    I was trying to catch up on all my readings because, you know, I had to WORK while traveling for work, and fell behind in everyone's blogs.

    And then I came across this.


    This is awesome and beautiful, and it totally made my Monday all better. You rock.

  6. Thank you everyone! So kind! And I LOOOVE your comics, Leauxra. You are an excellent art-eest. :)


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