Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A challenge for you.

OK, serious post.

I was reading Seventeen Magazine the other day, and I came across an interesting article.  The article was all about how to be happier as a teenage girl.  I know a lot of you are not teenage girls, so you might think this post does not pertain to you, but I think most of their ideas are universal.  There were two things that they said to give up immediately in order to make yourself feel better: Facebook and sweets.

It comes as no surprise to me that these are on the list of things that make people feel unhappy.

I know very well that sweets are the devil in disguise.  They can make you feel good in the moment, but a lot of the time the only feeling that lasts after eating sweets is guilt and grossness.

I've talked to my friends before about how stressful it gets to read about other people's seemingly "perfect" and "happy" lives on Facebook and compare yourself to their oh-so-sexy, I-just-spent-a-week-sitting-on-the-beach-getting-my-tan-on-while-you-were-stuck-at-home-and-even-if-you-were-here-you-would-just-be-a-red-tomato pictures; but I never followed through with deleting my Facebook because I was worried that my relatives in other countries and friends who had moved state would be angry at me for losing touch. But something about reading about these two things in this article made me suddenly think, "GAME ON."  If people want to stay in touch, then they can call me or text me, and I will do the same.  Not having a Facebook is a pretty lame excuse for losing a friendship, so I'm not letting that hold me back.

It's Lent season, and if any of you out there are religious, this might be the perfect time for you to take on such a challenge with me.  Let's try quitting Facebook and sweets for a few weeks.  If anything at all, we can think of it as an experiment.  There's really nothing to lose: either you end the challenge and you feel happier, or you end the challenge and you go back to your old ways.  Who knows, this could be a very liberating experience!

I know personally that I have pretty much no restraint.  I pretend to restrain myself from certain activities, but usually that lasts for about a day and then I reward myself by letting myself do whatever it was that I was trying to quit.... *sigh* so illogical.  It's a vicious cycle.
But anyway, this time I am really going to try.  I'll keep you guys updated on my progress, and hopefully a few of you will take on the challenge with me.

So, who's in?

Here are some inspirational photos:




  1. I've joined google+ and connected with other artists which has been a lot of fun. I'm in a group that does a small artwork a day and posts it, gets the artistic juices flowing and some good comments come back. Somehow it didn't happen for me on Facebook.


  3. The sweets should be pretty easy for me, but I use Facebook to promote my blog. I can't neglect that :(


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