Friday, June 3, 2011

Never-Ending Awkwardness

I've noticed throughout my lifetime that there is never-ending awkwardness when it comes to grammar.  When in conversation, I feel like I should speak correctly, use the right grammar, etc. Some people, like teachers and parents, make me feel awkward when I don't speak correctly.  Yet, when talking with my friends, I am expected to use common slang.  No matter what I say, I always seem to have it wrong. 
The best way to describe what the heck I am talking about is to give examples:

Example Number 1:  Being Corrected on Poor Grammar
One example of this awkwardness is when someone corrects you on your grammar.  Usually, it is someone who doesn't know you or is not part of the conversation, yet they still catch you and correct you. And make you feel really awkward.

The other day I saw my friend and my friend's dad at a school function.  I began to chat to my friend, when....

I mean, how much more awkward could it get? He wasn't even part of the conversation.  I'm not even his daughter.  But he corrected my grammar!!

Example Number 2:  The Dilemma

Another example of this never-ending awkwardness is the dilemma that occurs while choosing whether or not to use correct language.  You know you want to use correct grammar, but you also want to be accepted by your slang-using friends.  What do you do?

Choose Social Acceptance:

Choose to be Gramatically Accurate:

Example Number Three: The Awkwardness of Being Silently Shunned and Discreetly Corrected Because You Failed to Use the Correct Grammar Because You Chose Social Acceptance Over Grammatical Accuracy

The last example of utter awkwardness when dealing with grammar issues is when someone discreetly corrects you on your grammar by awkwardly repeating the exact same statement that you just said but with the correct grammar. This is sometimes accompanied with the stink eye.

There is no real conclusion to this post. I wish I could tell you that there was some solution, some hope. But there really isn't.  That's why its called the never-ending awkwardness of grammar. It NEVER ENDDDDS!!!!!

Kind of like the life of a unicorn.

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  1. I may have cried laughing at this post. I love awkward moments.


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