Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Free Brain and Idiocracy

I have no idea what to write for a post today.  So I think I'll just let my brain run loose and see what happens.  It's like a real scientific experiment with quantitative data!!! (It's an experiment to see what's in my brain and it's quantitative data because the data is the post and after reading the post that is actually the data I will be able to collect the data that is the post.... what?)

So one thing that's on my mind is the premiere of the Harry Potter movie which I am going to attend, obviously.  I am very excited and sometimes I feel like jumping up and down randomly when I think about it.  Also, I like cheese.

I've made a summer resolution, (I can never think of a resolution around New Year's, so whenever I come up with one randomly during the year I just decide to start it immediately so I don't forget), which is to be smarter.  I am not a dumb person, but actually sometimes I am.  I feel like most of the time I'm smart, and then I have this trait about me that's like ninja-dumb.  No one sees it coming and then all of a sudden I do something that is so idiotic it's laughable.  Want an example?

Well the first and foremost example would be clumsiness.  I trip over pretty much everything.  If you're clumsy, you will understand perfectly well the psychological process that I go through whilst tripping over stuff.  I know that I'm clumsy, so the second that I feel myself begin to trip or begin to do a face-plant, I immediately try to smooth out the fumble.  It's like I am trying to stay cool while eating dirt.  It usually doesn't work, but at least I think I've tried my best to keep my really cool reputation intact...
Unfortunately, the fact that I trip over things constantly and think I can hide my clumsiness by tripping smoothly is hilariously idiotic.

Here's a second example: I make up so many words that it's almost embarrassing.

It's kind of cool to make up words every once in a while; people do it all the time and it's considered comical in our society.  But the words that are cool to make up are like, "funsies" and "coinkydink".  Those are words that someone consciously decided to make up in order to be humorous.

My made-up words are generally a cause of a lack of vocabulary. I make up words that don't make any sense and sometimes I make up a word that means the exact same thing as another word that is actually in the dictionary.  Like the word "hotness".  I use that word way too much considering there is a word that means the same thing and that is "heat".

Here's another example that fits in this category:  the word "stealer".  Ok, if I was talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers, then it would be ok, but the actual word that I am looking for is "thief".  Fail.

Want another example of my idiocity?  YOU JUST GOT ONE.  Yes, I did just make up the word "idiocity".  It means "idiotness" (that is another word that I just made up).

So I just looked it up on Google, and the word "idiocity" is a synonym for "idiocracy," apparently.  But I mean, what does Google know, anyway?

Ok. I just spent a few minutes on Google and I am very confused.  Is idiocracy even a word? Or is it just an inside joke that I am not a part of?? Are you all laughing at me for thinking idiocracy is a word??  WhAT is HAPPENINg tO the PlaNEt???????

EDIT:  The word is idiocy.  Point proven.

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