Sunday, June 12, 2011

If I were in charge of the world...

If I were in charge of the world the first thing I would do is transform our world into Harry Potter's, except without Voldemort.

This is actually the third thing I would do after creating world peace and eliminating hunger. 

After changing the world into Harry Potter's, I would make everyone's mind work like a six-year-old's so that all anyone thought about was ice cream, magic, and "where do butterflies come from?".  That way no one would be mature enough to think about anything bad. 

I would also make high school fun and I might install trampolines throughout the school.

The other thing I would do is put myself in charge of all of the senior superlative awards at the end of the year, as well as deciding who is prom queen.

One of my friends told me, "if I were in charge of the world I would make ice cream fall from the sky".  I understand that this is something that sounds kind of cool, but it actually wouldn't be cool at all.  Because it's actually quite hard to catch falling ice cream and you would probably be a complete mess after attempting this for a few minutes. 

It would be much better to just give unlimited ice cream to everyone around the world.  That way everyone would feel happy and constantly be on a sugar high. 

I guess I wouldn't give ice cream to people living in really cold climates, though, because that would just be cruel.  Instead I would give them kittens.

AH! Not to eat the kittens, just to play with the kittens! You have a dirty mind.

If I were in charge of the world, the other thing I would do is eliminate allergies because allergies suck apparently.  I've actually never had any allergies, but I've heard that sometimes they are more annoying than being hit on the head by a coconut every two seconds for your entire life.

I would also make everyone eat their vegetables, because in contrast to many people's opinion, vegetables are like ninja food.  Also, I would give everyone a ton of blackberries: they are amazing for eating and for your health.

I would also bring back the Beatles because they make the world a better place.

What would you do if you were in charge of the world?


  1. Hmm...

    If I were in charge of the world, I would:

    1. Eat a sandwich. I can't rule the world on an empty stomach.

    2. End world hunger and start world peace (duh!).

    3. Ban exams and most tests. I would ban all of them, but stuff like driving tests are actually kind of important.

    4. Give a free cookie to every person on the planet. If they want another, they'll have to buy my instant cookie pack (£1.67 from all bad retailers).

    5. Build a house for everyone that doesn't have one.

    6. Eat another sandwich.

    7. Make myself into a superhero and have a side kick named Ted. Yes, Ted.

    8. Make enterance to the cinema free forever.

    9. Invent teleportation. Or get someone else to do it.


    Loved the blog post, by the way!

  2. you've been tagged! Now you have to post 7 RANDOM COMMENTS on your blog, then tage 4 more people to do the same.


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