Friday, December 30, 2011


So my family is getting our floors redone throughout our upstairs loft, which means that we are required to pack up all of our stuff from floor to ceiling and put it all into the basement.

This is the first time that I have ever had to do this.  I mean, I've painted my walls a few times, but usually we just move all my stuff into the middle of the room when that happens, so no big deal.

This time, though, I actually have to move everything.

This idea is slightly terrifying to me since I have sooo many delicate and important items in my room that are now going to be put in big breakable boxes!  When I vocalized my concern to my mom, she told me that I should write fragile on the top of the box so that whoever moved it would be careful.  But there are multiple flaws with that plan.  First of all, many of the boxes we are using are old and already have lots of writing on them.  What if they thought that the word "fragile" was from some other life, and right now the box is only holding my teddy bear collection? THEN WHAT?

Or, what if they read the word "fragile," but weren't paying close enough attention and they weren't careful enough.  THEN WHAT?

So in order to make sure the mover of my boxes was fully convinced, I left vague threats on the top of each of the boxes.

My mom did give me a strange look when she saw my boxes, but don't worry, I'm pretty sure she can't think I'm crazy enough to actually go through with getting me help.  If she did, she would have taken action years ago.

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